Game Developer

Game development is the art of building a game. Starting from the game design to the development and the launch of the game. When creating any game, you have to consider the game mechanics, user experience, player engagement, rewards, and design levels. The bulk of work involves developing the game’s visuals and coding to implement game functionalities and features.

The process of game development

Having created multiple games and released 2 to the market, this is the process and tasks associated with developing our shooter games.

Plan the game project

Upon coming up with the game specifications, we plan the storyboard and game script, environment, activities, characters, progression, and scoring. The entire project is broken down into milestones and timelines set to put the project on schedule.

Game design

As a game designer, I love making 2D and 3D models of game scenery, assets, and characters. This is the fun stage where we create game maps, arts, and other graphics. Not forgetting the most fun bit, animating the characters to bring the game to life and creating virtual reality environments. And even producing audio features like music, sound effects, and character voices.

Game Developer
Game Developer


This is the geek part that might not be fun for a person who hates code. But it’s at this stage that the game logic is created enabling users to engage with the game characters and environments. It is here that you start to see the game as the final product.

Testing and debugging

It is one of the most important steps before a game is released. I like to think that I have a keen eye for detail but I still use testing tools to look for broken features and functions. We’d even work with other developers to inspect the code for bugs and errors so as to ensure we have fixed any reliability and performance issues.

Maintain the game project

Releasing the game is not the end of the road for a game developer. We have to continue making improvements and handling new feature requests. You can’t take chances on your game becoming obsolete as the gaming industry is very dynamic.

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