Game designer

When it comes to game design, you need a person who can bring characters to life. Someone who can change concept art and model sheets to 3D images and make them real.

As a game designer, I enjoyed turning ideas into prototypes and creating interactive narrations. I love designing systems that are easy to use yet expandable and maintainable. Not forgetting to make the UX fun.

At 2ForAllGames, we can create 3D models, texture, rig, and animate to bring your environment and characters to life. We will get you into expansive worlds with immersive experiences that will make any gamer delighted.

What game design and development?

Basically, game development is the entire process that’s involved in making a game including game design. Game design, on the other hand, is “the art of applying design and aesthetics to create a game for entertainment or for educational, exercise, or experimental purposes.”

Game Designer

Why a professional game designer?

Whether it’s hardcore game houses or Indie games, you need a game designer who can keep up with this rapidly changing industry. It’s the only way to stand out in gaming technology. The market is pretty competitive so you need a person with the creativity and knowledge to create games that remain at the forefront of gamer’s minds.

Only an experienced and professional game designer will give you unlimited possibilities to explore the gaming world without limits. They’ll have you engage with completely customized characters and craft believable movement.

Why choose 2ForAllGamers?

We have developed and released two action-packed shooter games, Trooper 1 and Trooper 2. The games take you to a whole other level in simulation and gaming. You’ll get to experience immersive virtual worlds delivered in a cutting edge and interactive state-of-art game.

The quality of the games is uncompromised as we give you photorealistic rendering, life-like animations, robust translations, cinematic experiences, and so much more.  

We have considered, planned, and detailed every element of the game including the settings, rules, props, story flow, environments, and characters. Our goal is to give our audience what they want and we make adjustments and design specifications to reflect that.

Game Designer

Currently, we are developing the Final Trooper shooter game that will give our players the best experience. It has the latest technique and developments, hand grenade snipers, sneak from behind kills, hand cannons, and much more.

Do you want to engage in the most action-packed shooter game of your life?

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